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  • Paradox Newsletter 36 April 2013

    HOPE FOR THE PEACE PROCESS? MIXED MESSAGES FROM HAMAS One of the great hindrances to peace is, of course, the refusal of Hamas to recognise […]

  • How do we pray according to God’s will?

    Having read the prayer topics in a recent Paradox Newsletter, someone wrote asking if there is a conflict between praying that the Israeli government (whether simply […]

  • News 21.05.08: Israel–Syria peace talks, imminent Israel–Hamas ceasefire

    srael has celebrated its 60th anniversary and the Palestinians held Nakba (“Catastrophe”) Day marking the anniversary from a Palestinian viewpoint. However there does seem to be […]

  • News 30.04.08 Ceasefire with Hamas, talks with Syria?

    The current situation is dominated by talk of a short-term ceasefire (tahadiyeh) between Hamas and Israel. Negotiations for a ceasefire do not involve direct contact between Israel and Hamas. It is the Egyptians who are […]

  • News 11.04.08 Summit and peace talks

    The 20th Arab Summit took place in Damascus at the end of March. It was controversial because certain Arab nations wanted to show their disapproval of Syria’s links with […]

  • News 22.03.08 A secret deal?

    After the traumas of the IDF attacks on Gaza and the attack on the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem, there has been a lull in violence. Experience teaches that, even […]

  • News 06.03.08 Trauma – and hope?

    Life in Gaza is bad. There is appalling poverty. Unemployment is 60%. Most people exist on UN food handouts. The hospitals are on the verge of […]

  • News update Feb 21 2008

    THE ASSASSINATION OF IMAD MUGHNIYAH   The news from the Holy Land is currently dominated by reactions to the assassination of Imad Mughniyah in Damascus. He […]

  • News update February 12 2008

    There is a growing danger of a major escalation in violence occurring between Israel and Hamas.  Hamas seems to be true to its foundation charter which states: “Israel will […]

  • After Dimona

    NEWS UPDATE FEBRUARY 2ND 2008 It was only to be expected. Israel was on full alert. The breaking down of the wall between Gaza and […]