You can facilitate reconciliation in the love of Jesus in Jerusalem

Paradox Appeal for Beit Netanel, Jerusalem 

Beit Netanel (“House of Netanel”), the ministry of Rachel Netanel in the outskirts of Jerusalem, has the vision to share the Bible with Jews and Arabs (including Palestinians) who are interested, and to bring both peoples together in the love of Jesus.

It was established in 1998 and is unique because it is based on hospitality according to Middle Eastern tradition. Because Rachel Netanel was born in Israel and comes from a religious background, she understands how to present the Bible to Israelis – Jews and Arabs – according to their culture. In practical terms, this means eating and studying together in a family atmosphere and explaining the meaning of the Old Testament fulfilled in the New. When people mature spiritually, they are encouraged to go to a local fellowship of their own choosing, with a Jewish or Arab pastor.

Beit Netanel hosts one meeting a week with average attendance of 40 persons, several meetings for smaller groups, some meetings for 100 up to 500 people, and daily meetings that provide for one-on-one relationships and teaching.

At every meeting there is food, music (worship and instrumental), Bible teaching, fellowship and prayer.

Because this is a hospitality ministry an adequate house is required and has recently been purchased. The property is worth more than the purchase price and is very suitable. The first floor is Rachel’s accommodation and down-stairs is a large meeting room, kitchen, toilets, etc.

The appeal

We thank God that £141,200 has been given through Paradox for the purchase of Beit Netanel Ministry Centre in Jerusalem. There are many on-going expenses: the running of the house, hospitality costs, literature costs and Rachel receives no salary but is supported by donations.

The Beit Netanel Board is an Israeli amutah, the equivalent of a British charity, and subject to the same legal rules. 

Video of Rachel’s story

Rachel’s story is interesting for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Messianic Jews and for everybody. 

She has recorded a 14 minute video about her spiritual pilgrimage, which you can view.

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