Paradox Ministries encourages Christians to understand and pray about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, seeing it through the eyes of both people groups involved, and taking the needs, fear and pain of both sides seriously. 

Its Director, the Rev Tony Higton, who was Rector of a church in the Old City of Jerusalem for a number of years, circulates this email newsletter and encourages support of indigenous reconciliation ministry in Jerusalem.

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ExtraFeb 2024: Countering the Critics of Christian Zionism
ExtraNov 2023: How Should We Respond to the Suffering in Israel & Gaza?
Issue 54Nov 2023: Understanding the Israel-Gaza war (including the legal position)
Issue 53Oct 2023: Hasten God’s purpose for the Jewish people
ExtraMay 2023: Israel “facing dictatorship … civil war … war with Iran”
Issue 52Jun 2021: The Israel-Gaza War (2021)
Issue 51Dec 2020: Why the two-state solution is now very unlikely
Issue 50Mar 2020: Benjamin Netanyahu & US action
Issue 49Jan 2019: Continuing threats and uncertainties
Issue 48Apr 2018: Threats to Israel; Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians; Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem
Issue 47Nov 2017: Will there ever be peace?
Issue 46Feb 2017: “Now Israel Can Be Isolated, Boycotted, Prosecuted”
Issue 45Aug 2016: What has happened to the Peace Process?
Issue 44Nov 2015: What is the purpose of Paradox? & News Update
Issue 43Jul 2015: The Middle East situation and its effects on Christians and Israel
Issue 42May 2015: The implications of the Israeli election; A new anti-Semitism IS growing
Issue 41Dec 2014: The growing disapproval of Israel
Issue 40Jul 2014: Failure of the Peace Talks
Issue 39Mar 2014: The serious situation facing Israel and the Palestinians
Issue 38Jan 2014: An excellent way to promote reconciliation in the Holy Land
Issue 37Oct 2013: Pray for the Peace Talks
Issue 36Apr 2013: Hope for the Peace Process
Issue 35Nov 2012: The Gaza conflict and the Peace Process; A word to Christian Zionists
Issue 34Aug 2012: Dangers facing Israel; Challenges facing the Palestinians
Issue 33Apr 2012: Are the Israelis serious about the Peace Process?
Issue 32Dec 2011: The Palestinian bid and punishment
Issue 31Sep 2011: will the UN recognise a Palestinian state in October?
Issue 30Apr 2011: What hope for peace in the Holy Land?
Issue 29Dec 2010The Peace Talks re-start …. and fail
Issue 28Sep 2010: The urgent need of peace in the Holy Land
Issue 27Jun 2010: What really happened on the Gaza flotilla? & The Holy Land conflict needs less Christian passion
Issue 26Apr 2010: Does Israel want peace?
Issue 25Jan 2010: What happened to the peace talks? & The Israel Freeze & The Palestinian situation
Issue 24Aug 2009: A growth in Antisemitism; Are the Arabs serious about peace? & Hamas accused by Amnesty of war crimes
Issue 23May 2009: The Horrors of war; Netanyahu and the Peace process; The Obama factor; The Palestinian situation
Issue 22Feb 2009: Devastation and Recrimination; The Hamas position; Israeli elections
Issue 21Jan 2009: War in Gaza (2009)
Issue 20Oct 2008: Olmert’s departure and the Peace process; Hindrances to the Peace process; Iran; Syria
Issue 19Aug 2008: The end for Olmert; The Israel-Hamas ceasefire; The Israel Fatah Peace talks; Jewish settlers
Issue 18Jul 2008: A fragile Cease-fire; Israel-Syria talks; Israel-Hezbollah deal; Israel and Iran
Issue 17May 2008: The prospect of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas; Israel-Syrian peace talks; Agreement in Lebanon
Issue 16Mar 2008: Traumas on both sides; Destruction of the Gaza wall
Issue 15Jan 2008: Will the Peace-Process succeed?
Issue 14Oct 2007: The Peace Summit; The situation in Gaza; Syria; Hezbollah; Iran
Issue 13Aug 2007: The Palestinian (Christian) situation; The Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue
Issue 12Jun 2007: The Gaza Takeover; The Syrian issue
Issue 11May 2007: The Arab Peace Initiative; The Iran Factor; The Syrian Factor; The Mecca Agreement; Hamas
Issue 10Feb 2007: Palestinian infighting; Palestinian agreement; Israeli failings; Syrian overtures & the Iranian threat
Issue 9Jan 2007: Reconciliation ministry in Jerusalem
Issue 8Dec 2006: Palestinian weariness; Israeli weariness; The cease-fire
Issue 7Oct 2006: War between Israel and Hezbollah; Did Israel commit war crimes in Lebanon?
Issue 6Jul 2006: The Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis; The right of Israel to defend herself
Issue 5Jul 2006: Hamas-PLO negotiations with respect to Israel
Issue 4Jul 2006
Issue 3 Jul 2005: Israel withdrawal from Gaza
Issue 2Jan 2005: Mahmoud Abbas elected Palestinian President
Issue 1Nov 2004: The purpose of this newsletter; After Arafat