The Reasons for the Prayer for Peace Website

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict stimulates extremes and terrorism around the world. The bad news seems relentless. It has the potential to create a regional conflagration which would affect the whole world. It has got to be a priority topic of concern and prayer in the Church.

But how can we interest ordinary Christians in it? How can we obtain and keep up to date with reliable and hopefully balanced information?

Having been General Director of the Church of England’s official ministry among Jewish people for seven years and been Rector of a church in the Old City of Jerusalem for part of that time, I have become passionate about justice for both sides and about reconciliation. This website provides practical suggestions on:

  • How to interest ordinary Chrisians
  • How to understand the conflict and its background
  • How to keep up to date with what is going on easily
  • How to pray (with suggested prayers), and offers a help-line to clergy and ministers.




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