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Promoting ReconciliationParadox Ministries encourages Christians to understand and pray about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, seeing it through the eyes of both people groups involved, and taking the needs, fear and pain of both sides seriously.

Its Director, the Rev Tony Higton, who was Rector of a church in the Old City of Jerusalem for a number of years, circulates this email newsletter, speaks at seminars and encourages support of indigenous reconciliation ministry in Jerusalem.

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Paradox Newsletter Topics

March 2020
Netanyahu, US action, Palestinian situation
January 2019
Continuing threats and uncertainties
April 2018
Threats to Israel; Treatment of the Palestinians
November 2017
Will there ever be peace?
February 2017
"Now Israel can be isolated, boycotted, prosecuted"
August 2016
What has happened to the Peace Process
November 2015
What is the purpose of Paradox and Update
July 2015
The Middle East situation and its effects on Christians and Israel
May 2015
The implications of the Israeli Election
December 2014
The growing disapproval of Israel
July 2014
Failure of the Peace Talks & Gaza Conflict
March 2014
The serious situation facing Israel and the Palestinians
January 2014
A Newsletter with a difference
October 2013
Pray for the Peace Talks
April 2013
Hope for the Peace Process?
November 2012 35 Gaza Conflict and the Peace Process
August 2012 34 Dangers Facing Israel
April 2012 33 Are the Israelis serious about the Peace Process?
December 2012 32 The Palestinian bid and punishment
September 2011 31 Will the UN Recognise A Palestinian Sstate IN October?
April 2011 30 What hope for peace in the Holy Land?
December 2010 29 The Peace Talks re-start .... and fail
September 2010 28 The urgent need of peace in the Holy Land
3rd June 2010 27 What Really Happened on the Gaza Flotilla?
16th April 2010 26 Does Israel Want Peace?; Gaza; Syria; New Resources Site
9th January 2010 25 What Happened to Peace Talks?; The Israeli Freeze
23rd August 2009 24 A Growth in Anti-Semitism; Is Israel Serious About Peace?
23rd May 2009 23 Horrors of War; The Obama Factor; Palestinian Situation
1st October 2008 20 Olmert's Departure; Hindrance to Peace; Palestinians
20th August 2008 19 The End for Olmert; Israeli-Hamas Ceasefire; Peace  Talks
4th July 2008 18 A Fragile Ceasefire; Israeli-Syria Talks; Hezbollah Deal
21st  May 2008 17 The Prospect of a Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas
16th March 2008 16 Traumas on Both Sides; Destruction of the Gaza Wall
23rd January 2008 15 Will the Peace Process Succeed?; Hindrances to Peace...
24th August 2007 13 The Palestinian Situation; Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue; Prayer
21st June 2007 12 The Gaza Takeover: Causes and Aftermath
13th May 2007 11 Arab Peace Initiative; Iran Factor; Hamas; Mecca Agreement
12th February 2007 10 Palestinian Infighting; Palestinian Agreement; Israeli Failings
12th December 2006 8 Palestinian Weariness; Israeli Weariness; The Ceasefire
18th October 2006 7 Who Won the War? Threats to Israel; Palestinian Situation
19th July 2006 6 War on Two Fronts; Understanding the Situation
July 2006 5 Yet Another Crisis; Kidnapping; How Should We Pray?
July 2006 4 Israeli Elections; Palestinian Elections; Iran
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