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This page is intended to assist clergy, ministers and other Christian leaders who wish to encourage and facilitate interest in and prayer for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Hopefully it will assist those in churches where there is little or no current interest, as well as those who are already concerned.

Creating an interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Here are some suggestions about how to create an interest.


  1. Stress how the conflict affects peace and stability on a world scale

  • It stimulates much extreme Islamism and consequent terrorism around the world.

  • Specifically, it encourages Iran to threaten Israel’s existence, to back world terrorism and to seek nuclear weapons. Since Israel already has nuclear weapons, this opens up the possibility of nuclear conflict.

Paradox will inform and keep you up to date on all this.  See Paradox Newsletter.

  1. Stress the suffering of the ordinary people involved in the conflict.

  • The suffering of the Palestinian people is obvious.

  • The suffering of the Israeli people is less obvious but still real.

Paradox will inform and keep you up to date on all this.  See Paradox Newsletter.

  1. Stress the damage done to Jewish-Christian and (Muslim) Arab-Christian relations.

  • Christian anti-Semitism has done enormous damage to Jewish-Christian relations, creating huge barriers against the gospel. See History of Anti-Semitism.

  • Maltreatment of and prejudice against Arabs by the “Christian” Western powers has done enormous damage, creating huge barriers against the gospel. See History of Anti-Arabism.


  1. Arrange a meeting at which Tony Higton speaks.

  • Such a meeting (which can include a Powerpoint presentation) would always include an emphasis or epilogue on Prayer for the Holy Land (peace, justice and reconciliation) but could be in the context of a talk about:

    • A history of Christian anti-Semitism

    • Understanding the Conflict in the Holy Land (historical and current causes)

    • Israel: the biblical sites

    • Ministry in Israel: Tony’s experiences

    • The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

Contact Tony for more information through the 'Contact Us' page`

  1. Encourage a balanced approach to the conflict

  • Counteract polarizing into anti-Israel or anti-Palestinian positions

Much of the material on this website will help here, including Paradox Newsletter, History of Anti-Semitism, History of Anti-Arabism, History of the Conflict, Our Theological Position, The Call to Justice, The Call to Reconciliation and, where relevant, Zionism Right and Wrong and Dispensationalism.

  1. Stimulate informed prayer

See Liturgy and Paradox Newsletter.

Feel free to write to Tony for more detailed advice. You can do this via the Paradox Blog (your details will be known only to Tony and only your first name will be on the blog) or you can contact him through the website.   

Tony Higton 

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